Traffic Control 101


Traffic Control 101 was developed as a 2-day class based on the Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.  The class was not designed specifically for Fire Police - rather, it was developed for anyone who had a duty to direct traffic.  

The class is simply a how-to for emergency traffic control.

The class starts with the Need for Traffic Control, then takes the student into the world of the law.  Activation and Response, and setting up Traffic Control Points are covered next.  Of course, what's a MUTCD class without a chapter on Official Traffic Control Devices.  What students don't expect is a chapter on detouring traffic and another on managing backlogs.  One issue missing from a lot of other traffic control courses is how to handle non-emergencies, like carnivals, fairs, parades, and the like.  Management is also covered, as are other related topics.

The class can be given over two days (typically a weekend), or can be held over five nights.  Practical exercises are part of the class.

This class can be sponsored by the Harrisburg Area Community College, and can be run anywhere in Pennsylvania.  Minimum Class size is 15 students.  A classroom environment is a must, with a screen and a whiteboard on site.

This class meets the MUTCD portion of the new NFPA Standard

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