Roadway Safety Programs

Roadway Safety Consulting has a variety of programs to broaden your horizons for safety.  

We do custom training upon request.

Target Audiences listed after program name – EMS Ambulance workers; FD Fire Department personnel; FPO Fire Police Officer; PD Police; MO Municipal Officials; MW Municipal road crews; T Towing; ALL – all of the above; O Other as noted. Other disciplines are encouraged to attend!


Safety or Suicide (1 hour) EMS, FD, FPO, PD, MW, T– this is a wake-up call for persons who regularly work on the highways, whether at highway maintenance areas or emergency incidents. Proper attire, signage, and emergency lighting are the focus. ($195)

One Man Band (3 hours) ALL – How ONE properly trained person with the proper equipment can handle virtually ANY emergency incident! The three keys are presented with several audience-based scenarios.  Great for those municipalities who are suffering a shortage of emergency responders! ($495)

Red & Blue Lights (4 hours) ALL – Pennsylvania Laws pertaining to the display and usage of emergency lights coupled with NFPA (fire), KKK (EMS), and SAE J2495 (Police) requirements. Pennsylvania Court Cases and various national studies are also presented for a complete understanding of the subject. ($495)

Event Traffic Control (4 hours) ALL – Events have special needs when compared to either maintenance or emergency incidents. This program provides several examples of Event Traffic Management to aid in the proper, safe, and effective management of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. ($495)

Evacuations (5 hours) ALL – Whether a HazMat Spill, a weather-related emergency, nuclear accident or terrorist incident, evacuations have many procedures in common. This program covers all of the commonalties, the laws, and the "Special KTE" requirements. $595

The Future of the Fire Service (5 hours) FD, FPO, MO - Where are we going?  How can we stay viable given the loss of a majority of firefighters and Fire Police Officers over the past few decades?  This program explores these issues and provides real answers that can prevent the loss of volunteers and switching to fully-paid workers.  $595

Pennsylvania Highway Incident Management – A Multi-Agency Approach (8 hours) ALL – Developed jointly between the Fire Academy, PennDOT, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and the State Police, this class is designed to put all responders on the same page for highway incidents. ($595)

USDOT Traffic Incident Management (TIM) ALL – Similar to the Pa program, this is a compilation of several states’ TIM programs. Can be administered in a 4-hour block ($495) or 8-hours ($695)

Flagger Training (6 hours) MW – meets the standards of the MUTCD and Pennsylvania Law regarding flagger training. ($695)

Traffic Control 101 (16 hours) FPO, MW, T – This program covers everything from the need for traffic control, through the laws, traffic-control devices, detour routing, and backlog management. Mandatory physical skills ($1195)

Traffic Control 101 (8 hour) ALL – selected portions of the 16-hour program for when only one training day is available. ($595)

Responder Traffic Control – EMS, FD, PD, MO, MW, T – In detail response situations with practical yet proper, effective and safe solutions for emergency incidents. (8) hour classroom-only for police ($595); (12) hour classroom-only for police ($795); (16) hour program including mandatory physical skills ($1195)

Advanced Traffic Control (16 hours) ALL – starts where Traffic Control 101 and Responder Traffic Control left off. Primarily focused on the differences between rural, suburban, urban, and freeway traffic-control needs, the student is taken through numerous emergency situations. Pre-requisites are Traffic Control 101 or Responder Traffic Control, plus Incident Command training (ICS-200 level). ($1195)

School Crossing Guard (2 hours) O – This course illustrates the various responsibilities and duties of a crossing guard. ($295)

School Traffic Control (3 hours) O – The Federal MUTCD sets forth an entire Chapter regarding how schools are to be managed, in terms of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic control. This program provides the information in an easy-to-understand manner and highlights the unique requirements of traffic control at and near schools. ($595)


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