Red & Blue Light Laws

Without a doubt, some of the most debated and ignored laws within Pennsylvania!

Everyone is an expert when it comes to Pennsylvania's red and blue light laws, but the bottom line is easy - if it isn't written below, it isn't  law.  There's a handy one-page guide to carry or post at the Fire House, and there's the entire law posted here.  We close with some FAQs - if you have questions not covered here, don't hesitate to ask!

Light Law Pamphlet

Vehicle Code - Red Lights

Vehicle Code - Blue Lights

PennDOT Regulations


One thing we wish to point out - the Traffic Control Emergency Directional Light Assembly (arrow stik, etc) on the back of your fire trucks are to warn motorists approaching the rear of your fire truck that they are approaching a hazard.  They're not EGO lights!  Misuse will cause people to ignore lights, which endangers all of us!


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