PennDOT reg Regarding Traffic Control Attire being Rewritten

November 8th, 2014, publication of the proposed Chapter 101 of Title 67 makes it easier on motorists to figure out who is directing traffic.  The current regulation requires different clothing and/or equipment for everyone.  If the proposal is approved as written, everyone is simply required to wear a vest or other ANSI-approved attire (raincoat, jacket or vest), regardless of their job.


Click the link here to view the entire proposal.


The current Chapter 101 of Title 67 is the rule that requires firefighters to wear a helmet while directing traffic while Fire Police are required the hat and badge.  These requirements will be gone in the new reg.  That said, the Fire Police Act still requires we wear a badge and, in addition, the wearing of ..."a distinctive arm band or hat or uniform or insignia..."  We can still conform with the official hat and badge, with the vest or other ANSI attire.


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