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Handout - Pub 213 Notes  Pub 213 is PennDOT's Temporary Traffic Control.  The front portion provides a series of notes that explain each section and provide additional information valuable to FPOs.  

Handout - Pub 213 Diagrams  Pub 213 also has several diagrams that are the base for which all things Fire Police are based.  This is the few ones that will provide the most information to our people.

Handout - Fire Police Act History  Leading up to the Act of 1941 then showing what has actually changed since.  Added are the current Oath of Office requirements, some Court Cases relating to the Human Relations Act, the Fire Police Act, Workers Compensation and more.

Handout - Pa Laws  This is the same handout in the back of the FP program, except it's the most recent one.  

Handout - Police Powers  This is the actual list, from the Pa Vehicle Code, that shows what FPOs can actually DO.  It's not someone's opinion...

Pa Report of Violation Form  The law state any violation reported to the Police shall be on a Form - this Form was created for this purpose.  It's the most current one - the most current revision being the change of address for the Pa Fire Police Association.  It is written in Microsoft Word.  IF a Word Template or a different format is needed, click here.

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