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This area will be set up to allow instructors to post their names, addresses & contact information, plus a little background and what they like to teach, so that when you need a class you don't have to hunt too hard...

DalPezzo, Michael     York (travels anywhere)    Mike's a retired State Police Sergeant who has taught Fire Police since 1985.  He's the creator of Pennsylvania's Fire Police certification program for York County and IFSAC.  Mike has an extensive background in Traffic Control, and has traveled Pennsylvania and Maryland as a lecturer.  He has authored several traffic-related courses and modified others.  Mike worked closely with the Pennsylvania Fire Police Association from 1992 to 2007, speaking on their behalf to the legislature.  Mike is an active Fire Police consultant who loves to teach.  Favorite classes include:  Traffic Control 101 (16 hrs), Highway Incident Management-A Multi-Agency Approach (8 hrs)(PennDOT), Traffic Incident Management (8 hrs)(LTAP), Fire Police Updates (8 hrs), Emergency Vehicle Driver's Training -also called EVOC- (16 hrs), Red & Blue Lights (laws) (4 hrs), Emergency Lights (science) (8 hrs), Safety or Suicide? (1 hr), Scheduling (8 hrs), Pa Flagger Certification (8 hrs), ICS Expanded (this counts as ICS100 but adds several videos and practical situations) 16 hrs, Intro to PowerPoint (8 hrs), Intermediate PowerPoint (8 hrs), and a newly-developed Advanced Traffic Control (8 hours) which works best in conjunction with the PennDOT Hwy Inc Mgmt course above.  Some of these courses are through the colleges, others are through Roadway Safety Consulting - Mike will have the info!

Gironda, Cindy  From the Pittsburgh Area, but will travel statewide.  Cindy teaches all the Fire Police Courses, the Highway Incident Scene Safety & Management, as well as the Managing Incidents on the Roadway (CVVFA).  Cindy may be reached at (412) 673-5239; home is at 1407 Summit Street, White Oak, Pa, 15131

Kupiszewski, Tom   Teaches all 6 Fire Police Courses, refreshers, plus Managing Emergency Incidents on the Roadway (CVVFA).  Is from Berks County, but will travel statewide.  

Rudzianski, John   John is from Susquehanna County - that's way up in the northeast of Pennsylvania for those of you who may not have had the pleasure of some truly scenic vistas - like people on I-81 thinking that the 81 is actually the speed limit.  John teaches the Fire Police Track and looks forward to hearing from you.

Joe Michaels  128 Camp Street, Emmaus Pa 18049  Phone 610-965-4479 (Lehigh County)  Will Travel Anywhere, teaches all 6 fire police classes, Fire Police Refreshers, does the Fire Police Certification (Bucks CC).  Also teaches Haz Mat Awareness And Refresher, Emergency Vehicle Driver Training And Refresher, Highway Incident And Scene Management, and Resource Accountability Responder And Supervisor

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