IFSAC Certification Program

Pennsylvania Special Fire Police Officer 1

On August 19, 2004, Bob Grunmeier from the Bucks Community College came to an Executive Board Meeting for the Pa Fire Police Association. Mr. Grunmeier had been contacted by the Bucks County Fire Police Association requesting a certification program be developed for Fire Police, as none existed.

The York County Fire Police Association was putting the finishing touches on their Certification Program (see the link), and Mr. Grunmeier was briefed on their program. Bucks County is the local IFSAC representative, and they adopted the York County program

The "Interested Parties" to this Program are:  The Pennsylvania Fire Police Association, The Somerset/Cambria Fire Police Associations, The Pennsylvania State Police, The Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association, The Bucks County Community College, Michael K. DalPezzo, instructor/developer, and Tony Riccardi, instructor.

The Board for the program consists of Mike DalPezzo - York County Fire Police Association (developer/instructor), Tony Riccardi, instructor, Jeff Fuehrer, and John Reinhardt. They meet frequently to ensure the quality of the program is maintained.

The goals of the Program are to provide proof of competency to Pennsylvania's Fire Police Officers.

In 2010, the IFSAC responsibility was transferred to the Pennsylvania Fire Academy.  The Fire Academy put the program on hold, as there is a movement to create an NFPA standard for traffic control which would supercede the IFSAC program.  


Now the NFPA Standard is done and effective.  It is unknown whether IFSAC or Pro-Board will be the testing agency.  When we know, you'll know!  The new Basic Fire Police and Advanced Fire Police programs cover all 24 of the NFPA job performance requirements, so it's just a matter of time until they give us a program...the rollout has just been announced - more when we know more!


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