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2017 continues to bring forth opportunities.

October 2015, saw the release of a completely-revised Basic Fire Police class. With topics never-before taught, a group of talented instructors and others managed to provide a comprehensive program to meet the base needs of Fire Police Officers.

Yet, from across the state, FPOs are chanting "Iíve already taken Basic, I donít need to take it again."

This is not your fatherís Basic; itís completely revised. If you havenít taken it, get out and get shocked.

On March 4th, the new Advanced Fire Police program was released. This, too, is nothing like the previous class by the same name. After youíve taken the new Basic, then take the new Advanced.

The classes together provide the NFPAís 24 minimum Job Performance Requirements of responders who direct traffic. Every 50 minutes sees yet another responder struck at a traffic incident. Those of us who have a little bit of time on the street have either nearly been struck ourselves or know of someone who has been struck or nearly hit. This is unacceptable! We have to do everything we possibly can for our own safety, the safety of our fellow FPOs, and the safety of the incident scenes.

Training and equipment are not optional, theyíre mandatory if you wish to be a true professional! Check out the new training!

We, as Fire Police,  need to get our acts together.  The best way is through education.  This site provides a plethora of information to better ourselves.  The first way of professionalism is training, then practicing what we've been taught.  We have to present a better case - and not back down - when we need safety gear.  Using our own cars needs to be eliminated, in favor of using FD or municipal vehicles; and, until we get a vehicle, pay us for gas.  

If we do it right, we'll only move forward!  Does this take some hard work and effort?  Definitely.  What's the alternative?  Funerals.  Disrespect.  

Roadway Safety Consulting is comprised of current/former Fire Police Officers and Police Officers.  We train according to the needs of Fire Police, while staying within the rules.  We've been there; we know what's needed, and we're ready to help!

Examine the site, and if you have questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact us.

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