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2015 was a great year!  The brand new Basic Fire Police class, tailored to meet the actual needs of Fire Police has been released and over 40 instructors have taken the upgrade!  The new Advanced class is underway, and with the support of the Fire Academy things are looking up, indeed.  Lancaster County just ran a complete Academy with every class the Fire Police officer needs to do the job properly and effectively (click the link on the left).  Although we've been losing volunteers for years, we've been learning to do more with less, and have developed more options.  Hop aboard for a great ride!

We, as Fire Police,  need to get our acts together.  The best way is through education.  This site provides a plethora of information to better ourselves.  The first way of professionalism is training, then practicing what we've been taught.  We have to present a better case - and not back down - when we need safety gear.  Using our own cars needs to be eliminated, in favor of using FD or municipal vehicles; and, until we get a vehicle, pay us for gas.  

If we do it right, we'll only move forward!  Does this take some hard work and effort?  Definitely.  What's the alternative?  Funerals.  Disrespect.  

Roadway Safety Consulting is comprised of current/former Fire Police Officers and Police Officers.  We train according to the needs of Fire Police, while staying within the rules.  We've been there; we know what's needed, and we're ready to help!

Examine the site, and if you have questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact us.

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