In 2008, PennDOT created a rule that said we had to wear helmets. (PennDOT Publication 213, Temporary Traffic Control, Note #9)

Fortunately, the 2010 revision to this rule changed the absolute requirement to wear helmets, replacing it with this phrase "...and headwear ... "  It no longer specifies helmets.  Likewise, the 2014 version only mandates helmets on construction/maintenance flaggers.

If you're a Fire Police officer in an emergency situation in traffic, realistically a helmet is a good choice.  

SO, "what kind" of helmet?  Cops on foot in traffic who got struck generally lived if they were wearing helmets, as long as the helmets stayed on their heads.  Cops wear motorcycle helmets, not the $8 cheapies we associate with the electric company.  A good motorcycle helmet looks great and costs the same price as a good fire helmet.

What's your life worth?  $8 or $250?


Link to the Entire Pub 213 - this may take a minute or two (5 megs)...


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